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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pirates and Council Continue, DMing for Thanksgiving, and other stuff

Oddly we're hitting book two of Skulls and Shackles and Council of Thieves at roughly the same time. In Skulls we survived the first month under the lash of Plug and Scourge until the wyrmwood's first prey came into view. Lysandros (the rogue) ended up leader of our small boarding team. Our team was also made part of the prize crew to send the ship back to Port Peril for sale. However, it wasn't long before we could tell that Plug and Scourge had other plans, which we wouldn't survive.

With support of a handful of NPCs we'd befriended along the way we mutinied and took control for ourselves, only to get swept away in a storm and beached for a few days while repairing the ship and rescuing two NPCs from the grindylows who attacked during that same horrid storm. Now with our new ship afloat, and our new captain (Lysandros, the rogue) in charge we head for the same port Plug was headed for, hoping to complete a crew and squib the ship.

In Council things are a little weirder. Our first few days involved dodging hellknights, killing shadow beasts at night, and goblins during the day. Then, a gang known as "The Bastards of Erebus" pushed too hard, and our little group of less that legitimate vigilantes asked us to do what the guard still refused to do.

After a successful raid of the Bastards hideout, and capture of their Asmodian cleric and leader, we've built a little bit of reputation with the populus. Now we've been approached by a member of the Pathfinder Society asking us to help get back into an old lodge in Westcrown. How? We get to be actors, in a murder play! If we do well, we get invited to drunken debauchery at the Lord Mayor's home, in which we'll get to dig through his home looking for info on how to get back into the lodge.

I'm also the DM for the family and most of these two groups for two thanksgiving dinner and oneshot games. If your not in one of those games and have suggestions, comment here or on G+!

Amtgard has also hit a new state. Skywatch is no longer the infant shire, the new Shire of Nightglade has risen in mundane San Angelo, and along with Ninewillows (midland) we're helping them get on their feet. As one of my household's members said, it's odd being the veterans visiting the new field.

That's about it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

No Kings made, Death's hands changed, off to the Seas, and down with the hellknights!

So here's this random-time-period's news.

First, the Kingmaker game with the sibling meets tomorrow for its last time. The campaign will continue with others, but the DMs schedule means we're out. I would've liked to give it another go, but I'm actually not all that torn up about it. Some other time I'll either run or play through it with another group. The sibling and I aren't without a game to play yet though, more on that below.

Second, the four horsemen game I was running is now finished. The party constantly changed and only settled down near the end. I didn't really finish Famine's arc but kinda needed to wrap up. So the final battle happened in Abaddon. When I had them cross a small section of Styx, they decided to use flight instead of a raft. This was fine, but instead of completing their move to cross they hovered over it and dropped spells on some daemons that attacked them. The daemons in question had dispel magic. The cleric and one sorcerer ended up in the river brain and soul wiped.

The remaining sorcerer and the cavalier ran for it. Came across a pair of boatmen, and went to pay them passage back to the regular world. After some conversation they discovered that Death had the boats and all but a few boatmen destroyed. They then convinced these two boatmen to help fight Death. So when they got to the machine Death and his preferred two boatmen assembled, (pretty much a giant soul blender that pumped energy into Death and his lackeys) it was two boatmen and two players vs two advanced boatmen and Death. (I didn't have a statblock for death, so it he was just a really advanced boatmen with some extra nasty abilities.)

The game ended with the cavalier shouting "I want your JOB!" while dealing the final damage to Death. Death dissipated and the cavalier sat on the throne, and restored things back to before the soul blender. As a final "favor" to the rest of the party he had the two in the river reincarnated and kicked back into the world with no memories and no stuff. The sorcerer he had booted back to the real world with all the other people's (except his own) gear. So now there's a well outfitted goblin dragon disciple somewhere in the world who death owes a favor, and the other sorcerer and cleric have started over at level 1 with no memory but their names in a Reign of Winter game run by the player of the surviving sorcerer.

My witch for Kingmaker got a new name, a little different history, and is now in a Skulls and Shackles game with my brother (run by the person who's cavalier became death, and is the Runelords DM). The party involves her, my brother's female inquisitor of besmara, a female half-orc barbarian played by one friend, and a male human pirate(rogue archetype) played by the dm of my the other game that's now on tuesdays Council of Thieves. She completes a completely gender-bending party, all by chance but her. It's fun.

As for her Council game. She's starting a blog as well. I think the two of us will try and keep consistent posts about that game here and there. You can visit Selvaron's blog here. I'm playing a chelaxian native human freehand fighter (archetype). He's a former member of the Dottari, who decided he'd be more useful to westcrown investigating things on his own.

I've gone from two APs that I'm playing in and one freeform game I was DMing, to four APs. I'm also considering starting Legacy of Fire. I'm pretty sure that this is one of the definitions of insanity, but that's fine by me.

Now for something a little different, the Shire of Skywatch is still doing okay. I'm not playing as hard as I was when it started, but I'm still enjoying the occasional visit. What's interesting is there's another startup field starting in November. So on the 10th I'll be going to San Angelo's Nightglade field's opening day.

Add to all this a free form RWBY game we hope to get off soon, and other madness, and I'm happily lost in too much stuff to do again!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Marcello's Last Moments

Marcello has passed on in Rise of the Runelords, here's his last few moments.

"All I see is Dash..." Marcello said with a look of confusion on his face.

"Wait, there's a door just there. Someone's hidden it with an illusion." Turie said after stepping into the room.

Marcello and Alice both turned to where Turie was pointing, with a little concentration they could see the door. Marcello waited while Alice checked it and opened it.

"More fog. I'll go." Alice said and stepped through the threshold.

As the rest of the band started shuffling into the small room Marcello pulled his staff and slammed it into the door jam, once again pushing the fog away. A long narrow corridor was revealed, but Alice was no where in site. Marcello stepped through as the fog re-coalesced around him.

Marcello! Your in danger!

Manus? Marcello thought to the sudden voice of his dead brother in his mind.

Your new friends have been tainted by the magics of Lhamastu in the crypt. They're about to try and sacrifice you!

But... Marcello returned, how...

Quickly, defend yourself brother! the voice replied.

Marcello accepted it, despite no evidence, and ran blindly down the hall. He didn't know how it happened, but he had to get back out of this place, and hopefully find a way to quickly remove the taint and restore their minds. He flicked his hand behind him, and brought up a wall of acid, expecting it to give him time to think.

Time however, wasn't on his side, Koreth was already coming at him as the wall went up, he had rope with him, but the acid burned the rope away. Koreth grabbed Marcello by the waist before he could get out of reach.

It's too late. His mind worked quickly, he brought the lightning bolt he'd prepared to disrupt other casters forward. Koreth had left his hands free. "I'm sorry." He wove the spell and discharged it directly through Koreth's chest. The bolt surged through him and down the hallway. Marcello heard many of his friends cry out in pain. <It's necessary I have to subdue them so I can find a way out and clense them.>

Koreth response was to slam Marcello against the wall and grab his hands. "Not as sorry as you're goin' ta be!" He shouted in Marcello's face.

He's crazed. Like that damned scribbler who's been in here for so long.> Unable to move, Marcello's mind was the only thing working. He had to find a way to get loose. The scorch mark on Koreth looked pretty bad. Maybe it'll be just enough to knock him out. Marcello moved the wall over the both of him with his mind. His hopes were drowned though, as he saw the acid move he also saw the glow of Turie's healing power flow over Koreth. She warped it around so I wasn't healed as well, this madness has her too.

The acid hurt, it was hard to concentrate. But then Koreth moved, releasing his arms and pulling them both out of the magical wall. "What ar' ya doin'?" the dwarf yelled, and squeezed.

Marcello felt a ribs crack and coughed up blood. His mind was in overdrive, he couldn't get loose. They had him, but he couldn't let that monstrous bitch win. "I will not be sacrificed to Lhamastu!" he gurgled, and used the last of his concentration to summon a fireball. He detonated where his and Koreth's chests met. The heat and burning was maddening, he felt his flesh boil where Koreth's now cherry red armor touched him.

Then it was over, Koreth let go, and stepped back. He rose his hands. "We're not your enemy." Koreth looked like hell.

Lies, all lies. He wants your guard down. The voice said again. Marcello watched Koreth start backing away. He mentally moved the wall between them again. He started to feel the mental itch warning him that the spell he'd cast to increase everyone's endurance was fading. He dug in his pack blindly and pulled the first potion he felt, and downed it. "Stay back!" he called as he felt the magical healing course through him. Now to get out of here. He started the process of mentally moving the wall and walking back the way he came.

Just then, a door opened through yet another illusion. Marcello saw The Scribbler look at him with a smile, the sword slash across his body, and then darkness.

Suddenly, he was light, and no longer felt pain, he tried to look forward and saw that he was standing in a long line of people leading to a throne. It was night. He'd been here before, when the redcap cut him in two a few weeks back before Turie pulled him back. He was dead. He was in line to be judged.

"Hey! Marcello!" He heard behind him in line. He turned and saw Manus, his twin who died in the same days that caused Marcello's exile from Westcrown.

“Why are you still here, is Pharisma's judgment that harsh?” Marcello asked with fear.

Manus' wispy form shrugged“Don't know yet. I refused to be judged until either you succeeded or we could be could be judged together.”

“She agreed?”

“Yeah, she seemed indifferent. Did you go back?”


“How'd you go?”

“With a bang.”

“Good enough for me. Let's see what the Lady of Graves thinks.” Manus joined him in line and they waited their turn.


“Marcello and Manus Crispin, who I sent to the world together, now face me. I will judge you together.” she paused and looked at the two souls. “You fought against the plots of devils in your homeland, and were expelled for it. Manus's life the day Marcello fled your lands, but he continued your mutual goals of suppressing evil's influence on the world. You, Marcello, joined a group of fighters, was captured by evil, and yet continued to fight. You showed moderation on occasion, charity despite the situation, and shared whenever you could. You vanquished enemies of piece, resisted outright slaughter for slaughters sake, and left power with your allies even after your passing.”

Pharisma stared at Marcello for a bit, and begun again. “Your soul is still heavy. You were quick to anger in situations you should not have, and that anger is strongest with you now. It was your last feeling as a mortal, but was not entirely of your own mind. I judge you worthy of celestial peace, but can not send you there in this state.”

“Can something be done?” The brothers asked.

“I will send you back, briefly. Expel it quickly and completely. If you fail you'll join the tortured who can not move on.” She waved her hand in an almost bored gesture.


With that, Marcello was suddenly in a room. He saw The Scribbler's back, he was attacking Alice. Marcello's wrath was in control, he couldn't move his body he tried to speak and summon any spell. “You'll regret having killed me!” He didn't sound entirely like himself, it didn't matter. He poured his anger into the energies around him, and his most powerful lightning bolt arched from his body into The Scribbler. He saw it hit Alice as well, and was pained again. This won't work, they'll all die, and it'll still be my fault. This madman, that fucking damned madman! He simply has to go.

He reached into that anger again, hoping to pull fire to him. It seemed to take longer, he still couldn't move. Then he head it.

Can you guys take that again?” A voice cried that voice, it was familiar, and angry. The anger seemed to make it feel familiar.

Go for it.”

GOOD!” and Marcello heard the words for that same spell he'd just cast yelled in hot rage. The spell went tearing through the air, and despite a lack of feeling, Marcello could tell it was powerful. The familiarity sunk in with the anger behind the casting.

Quiray, what's he doing here? Marcello felt the fireball he was reaching for ready, but decided to hold it.

Marcello watched, he felt the anger subside as he heard The Scribbler crack a joke. Then watched Koreth and another charge past The Scribbler into the room and look right at Marcello. Koreth was angry, even for Koreth. Marcello noticed he was healed, and saw regret in his eyes before he turned and screamed insults at the opponent he couldn't see. As Marcello's emotions subsided and logic started to return he saw that everyone else was fighting with anger, instead of reason. Calm, you can't fight this bastard angry. Calm down!

The Scribbler revealed himself to Koreth with an attack. Then the elf Marcello knew was Quiray stepped into vision, cast a spell and twisted his face as he saw the spell dissipate before hitting its target.

They're not going to make it. Marcello was calm, he sensed the strength of the fireball he had ready. It was on the weaker side, and Quiray was always known for providing protections to his allies. If he kept true to that, then Koreth and the other should be guarded against it. He brought it up, it would make spellcasting hard, but if he could just hurt the Scribbler a little more, maybe Turie could get them all out alive.

Before he let the fireball go Koreth hit hard again, and Quiray wove a spell with flicks and dodges despite his proximity to The Scribbler. Marcello felt the waves of magic purging energy bounce off of The Scribbler, then saw two waves envelop The Scribbler, who fell.

They made it! Marcello shoved the energies back into the universe, and felt his anger go with it. The next thing Marcello saw was his brother beckoning him to sit at a huge table filled with food and wine. He sat and began chatting with his long missed mother.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Skywatch Coronation

This past weekend was the first official coronation of the Shire of Skywatch. From Friday afternoon all through Saturday and into early Sunday morning Fort Griffin state historical site was The Place To Be. The food was great, the games were fun, and 57 amtgardians from all over texas (and even a few from New Mexico) were the best company I've been among in a long time.

Friday began with (of course) setting up camp and the common/tavern area. Most of that was set before I arrived but as part of the caravan with the final hardware I still helped with that. Shortly after nightfall the games began. The regent for the shire started little roleplay/battle games involving retrieving items from other players, hunting down zombies and vampires, gladiator duels and other entertainment. After a few hours of this most everyone moved to the camping area for the bonfire and bardic.

Saturday started early for some of us, I found that I didn't quite get to the site with everything needed for breakfast, but we managed. Then once more people started crawling out of tents and moving about we began ditching to wake up and followed with a small tournament. The tavern's small-games picked back up for a while and after a break for lunch we had the "Retaking of Fort Skywatch" battlegame. I went into the game as a weaponless healer, and still managed to contribute to Skywatch. This was followed by a huge spaghetti feast and court. Kesic, Jorrland, and Norgoth stepped down as Sheriff, Regent, and Champion and Antininus moved to Sherrif while Opaldragon stepped up as Regent, Gorith as Champion, and Honir moved into the empty Prime Minister slot. So started the first official reign of Antininus.

It was also my first tent camping in years. I quickly discovered that I missed that as well, and really need to do it more often just to keep myself prepared for proper long-term camping.

So, for a while I'll be focusing a little on getting back into the swing of camping, and amtgard style roleplay again. I'm not (with the exception of events) part of the leadership in an official status anymore for amtgard, so I'm going to focus a little more on House Ralaar-Khlu and just having a good time as an amtgardian.

I still have minis to paint, Pathfinder games to play, and Warlord games to play/organize, and perhaps MTTC to try and revive. I won't be setting those aside. However, I really have found a place in amtgard I didn't feel was there the first time.

As Honir texts me many times...

Viviat Skywatch!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not Dead Yet

Well, I've let this go quite a while. Not intentionally, lots of "I'll post Sunday, after all the things happening this weekend are done." Followed by forgetting.

So here's how it is:

For a while there Skywatch was growing at 10-15 sign-ins a week. Now we seem to have settled at a stable  35-40 people without guests. Additionally, we had a day event in May, between the local presence and guests we had over 100 sign-ins! That's right, 50 of us, and 50 travelers for a single day event. It was insane, and great fun. Our first Coronation is July 6th, and it'll be a camping event. We're hoping for another 100+ attendance, that should be easier with a camping event, especially with Gathering of the Clans being a little off this year.

The group is really doing well. Also, Antininus is running for the first full-term Monarch position. I can only see this as a good thing, he's popular with most everybody and really knows how to make a field do well. I'm not running for GMR, because we've had a good collection of reeves and one particular who wanted GMR and I think can do a far better job than I can.

I've started a household (House Ralaar-Klhu) that will be an RP/field service household, compared to the field its a little behind on stability, but things are looking good.

RotR: Marcello is 12th, we've had a wild time, and a rough time. Since I last spoke we've defeated a Frost Wright (the dryad's dead lover), a Necromancer, and survived a raid on Sandpoint by stone giants and dire bears and a dragon. One of the Stone Giants was captured, and after some interrogation we learned that a much larger force planed to attack very soon. So off we went to see if we could stop it.

The next session (tonight or next saturday depending on a few people's attendance) will start with the epic fight against Mokmurian, the infamous Stone Giant wizard. It could very well be the end of us, but we'll give him a good fight. (I hope). The DM has also started a session in his homebrew world that'll run if for some reason we're short a player or two.

Other PFRPG: My Four Horseman game has hit famine, and I plan to wrap up pretty soon. We've had a lot of new characters and drops, so the party's kinda out of whack. It was never supposed to be a long campaign, so once I've got it wrapped up I'll see if this current party would like to continue.

The Kingmaker game I was invited to starts this coming Tuesday. I'm stoked to be on the same side of the table as my brother for a change. Also, Ultimate Campaign came out just in time. I'm going to loan it to the DM for looking over so that we can use the adjusted mass combat and kingdom rules. Also, a happy side effect, Brevory has a city built around an Observatory named Skywatch, so my household requirement of playing my persona in a P&P game just filled itself!

My brother's single player games where you take the leadership feat are wrapping up. He's also doing a game for several of us in the fall that will be based on the areas the leadership feat games developed. Should be fun.

I've started a Second Darkness campaign, unfortunately the original day we picked has turned to mush. I'll pick it up again once schedules start making since.

Mt:tC, Marvel, & other:

TC seems to have died completely this time around. I'll keep Shinyai the Kitsune around for something. I really want to see that character played out. Marvel finished with us defeating Sauron and finding that the Shield base just outside the Savage Lands had been up to no good. I was going to get in on an Xmen game by the same DM as Kingmaker, but due to scheduling conflicts with another player we had to pick one game each.

Next weekend is FreeRPG day for lots of people. Our store didn't get in on it on time, but we're doing a rpgday/aarp birthday that weekend anyway. I'll be missing amtgard to help with it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

"Noble" settles in Skywatch

So this is a re-write of my Amtguard persona. Getting back in has caused it to nag me for a couple of weeks now, and tonight I had one of those "muse in the shower" moments.

So here's the "dump the brain on the keyboard" draft.

Noble was, like many who found themselves in the Duchy of Irongate, lost and astray. His name was all he remembered of his family, and it was a poor choice. He was less than a commoner when he wandered into the local temple, after all commoners had a roof, work, and food.
He spent a few days in the temple simply existing. Then the town and temple were attacked, and he found he was able to, with the assistance of other adepts and holy books, channel the same energies as priests who healed and even brought back the dead.
He decided to stay for a time. He lived at the temple and studied. He helped with injured, and even fought in defense of Irongate as he could.
Later, word of his original family drew him to the road. He traveled south, and eventually west. After years of wondering and learning, his search turned up empty. Eventually he headed back east, but when he was about to turn north, he found something very different.
The shire of Skywatch had risen along the road back to Irongate. His friend Antininus was there, older, wiser, and far more powerful. Antininus asked him to stay and help with the new village. At first Noble was hesitant, but he stayed as Antininus's guest for a few days.
It was at this point he met many villagers of Skywatch who showed promise as defenders and healers of the new village. It was then that he realized he'd spent all this time searching for a home, when what life wanted of him was to make a home.
Noble asked Antininus for some land near the edge of town. Antininus used his powers as prime minister to get Noble a land grant for a temple and a little extra for a personal home. Since then he has invited Malac, Amara, two others [sorry guys, can't remember your persona names] into that home as friends and fellow members of the temple. He's devoted himself to helping the village get on its feet, and provide healing, guidance, and protection.
Some of his new friends have helped in that regard, and show promise as protectors and healers. Antininus and the Sheriff, Kesic, petitioned the Kingdom of the Golden Plains for annexation. When the news of acceptance came so did a warning. Several Lords of the Golden Plains had decided to settle a small feud over the claim to "an as yet uncharted forest" with sword, and many had not yet heard of Skywatch's existence yet, so now the Shire would have to defend itself from many of its new brethren.

Some of this will probably have to change based on the kingdom and shire story behind the park-vs-park battle game at the inauguration celebration, and the brother's persona histroy rendition of coming to Skywatch, but there's what splatted in my head tonight.

Friday, March 29, 2013

RotR; Horsemen; and Amtgard;

Rise of the Runelords Game:

Things are getting real. Two weeks ago we wrapped up the missing Black Arrow captain mystery. He'd been remade as a frost wight by a stone giant necromancer. Destroying the wight wasn't all that complicated, the necromancer on the other hand was not.

I jumped into this campaign just before the pixie incident. Therefore, I knew that in rescuing me they fought a villain who escaped them. What I didn't expect was for her to show up so quickly. She, and a former Black Arrow were working with the Necromancer. It was a tough fight, even with the assistance of a few hags, but we defeated them. Except our cleric got within range of a stonegiant's hammer. Two crits later we had cleric goo all over the place.

After a reincarnate spell, we now had a halfling cleric of torag. This doesn't bother the cleric or her player much.

We found a note about a planned attack on Sandpoint, so after a quick wrap-up with the nymph ghost we head back to warn them. We arrive just before Sandpoint is raided by stone giants, direbears, and a red dragon. We came out on top, but, once again, at a cost. This time druid's wolf, who has saved almost everybody in the party's skin more than once... didn't make it.

Worse, one of the stone giants was captured and interrogated. If seven stone giants and a red dragon are a scouting party. I don't want to think about a recon in force, or worse a proper invasion. Except that we've been promised exactly that, in less than a month.

We're on our way to Magnimar to gather up a few remaining extra diamonds for a resurrect spell. Then its off to see if we can thwart a powerful stone giant caster/clan leader.

Horsemen of The Apocalypse:

So, I'm now running a pickup Goloran campaign based on the horsemen making a move against the world. So far we have a Summoner, Cleric (of Desna), Dhamphir Rogue, Barbarian, and a Ninja.

It's interesting, first lesson it taught me though. Sickening the party with a truly disgusting dungeon sounds like a great idea for a pestilence themed area, and running lower CR monsters to make up for the sickened condition is ok, but pick something who's AC is low. A "trash mob", as the cleric calls them, of wererats with a couple extra levels in rogue didn't hurt them much, but were nearly impossible to hit. I cut a huge chunk of the dungeon out to keep players interested. I know now from conversations I probably could have left it in, but it wasn't my best session.

This game's every other sunday, so I have plenty of time to prep something cool for the transition from famine to the first stage of war.


The Shire of Skywatch has risen in Abilene. I'm going to be at least the interim Guildmaster of Reeves (a whopping one reeve at the moment). The field keeps growing and growing. I'll probably have to make an attempt at abducting some players to reeve occasionally soon. Last week Lubbock's Irongate field sent visitors. We had a grate time. I might stick with it this time.

Everything Else:

I haven't even had time to keep up with RPGSuperstar. It's on its final leg. Go vote. Obsidian portal has a kickstarter to rebuild the site. I'm planning on getting into that. This month's rules demo in abilene was a bust, but I've rescheduled the same subject for next month. I've also started playing in a Marvel rpg. I'm playing Rogue... its caused me to dig for episodes of the old cartoon. It's cheezy, but still pretty good. I've found some issues with my NPC sheet at I'll be digging into those and updating shortly. I've done a few marauder II and panther customs and posted on the battletech board. I've painted a few battletech minis. This has been an amazing month, and with reapercon right around the corner I'm totally stoked!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Very Modern FIrearms for Pathfinder

Greg Christopher asked on google plus about simi-auto and automatic firearms in rpgs. His question was not system specific, but having thought about firearms for my gunslinger I had a D20/PFRPG option in mind. Here's what I suggested:

A real attempt to hit something (as oppose to close your eyes and squeeze) with a simi-auto in d20 is easy, pathfinder revolver rules with appropriate shots/round based on magazine.

Capacity: A firearm's capacity is the number of shots it can hold at one time. When making a full-attack action, you may fire a firearm as many times in a round as you have attacks, up to this limit, unless you can reload the weapon as a swift or free action while making a full-attack action. In the case of early firearms, capacity often indicates the number of barrels a firearm has. In the case of advanced firearms, it typically indicates the number of chambers [or magazine size] the weapon has. 
Quote: PSRD

Free-action to replace a magazine based on training is simply another example of the rapid reload feat.

For those who simply pull the trigger as fast as they can make a scatter attack, but at the -4 non-proficent penalty (even if they are proficient, because they're not using the weapon in a controlled manner, so a total penalty of -6) but only at the number of targets they have a bab for (so 1 if their bab is under 6, 2 if under 12, etc).

Automatic weapons are treated as above except they actually have the scatter ability so the penalty is only -2. An automatic weapon grants a proficient user the many-shot feat, even if the user doesn't meet the requirements. A user who has the many-shot feat already can fire 4 rounds as a single attack. (Another example of better training and control). Manyshot options are not restricted to the first attack with an automatic firearm.

This isn't a hyper-realistic option, but d20 isn't hyper-realistic, and shouldn't be. However, it covers controlled fire, and spray and pray, for both classifications of weapons discussed.

Feel free to tear it apart for me.

Monday, March 4, 2013


This maybe a "you had to be there post" but here's a recap of the best random encounter I've been in to date:

The game: Rise of the Runelords

The scene: a wooded trail on the way to the Shimmerglens

The characters: Male Human Druid, large and armoured Wolf Companion, Male Human Evoker(me), Female Dwarven Cleric, Female Dwarven Gunslinger, Male Dwarven Fighter, Male Elf Bard, Female (?) Rogue/Magus, and 5 bored Pixies.

The group is walking when the dm asks for a perception check. Most of us rolled pretty low, but the gunslinger manages to hear a child like laughter from nowhere, so our first warning is the gunslinger drawing weapons and moving out in front of the party. This is followed by quick "corner of the eye" flashes of pixies with bows, and the wolf suddenly passing out.

Next up, I raise my hands above my head and move forward, announcing that we mean no harm and wish to precode with out harm to us. The answer comes in a whisper "Harm is such a relative term" and more laughter.

More of us move forward, and we get to the pixies again. Now the pixies using permanent image to manifest a huge spider-like creature in front of the bard, and a Glabrezu in front of the fighter. The bard is now screaming in panic at nothing, and the dwarf charges to the side of the party and is swinging at mid-air. One pixie attempts irresistible dance on the druid, but the druid makes the save.

The druid has figured out he can't wake the wolf, and ask the party for assistance. For some reason, all the party ignores him. I spend my turn trying to figure out whats wrong with the bard and fighter, and convince them they're seeing things. The cleric succeeds on a dispel magic on the bard.

The round comes back to the druid, he asks for help to carry his wolf again, and doesn't see any signs of assistance, so starts dancing anyway. Apparently, pixies think druids can't dance. So when the perform check is low, one of the pixies looses it, and becomes visible, literally rolling on the ground laughing.

The magus/rogue things this is a good chance to bring some sanity to the situation, and grabs the pixie. The pixie's ill health is now noticeable, so the magus asks what's wrong. The pixie proceeds to point at the dancing druid and continue laughing. "Silly time" has struck the table.

Back around to me, I move back towards the party, and attempt to convince the fighter it's all in his head. Once again, no luck. The cleric attempts to dispel the image on the fighter, fumbles, the DM determines that this instead dispels the barkskin potion the fighter had taken, and that the fighter sees the image wiggle its claws as the barkskin is dispelled. Oh joy.

The gunslinger, who was just going to leave, decides that maybe it'd be wiser to help the people that rescued him from a fort basement prison, and comes back to help convince the fighter its all in his head. More on that later.

I'm not going to bet to the druid to help with picking up the wolf, but I’m still thinking "logically" hence my it's all good, I'll cast enlarge person from here an the druid can carry the wolf on his own. So I cast enlarge person, druid grows, but what does the druid do on his turn? He picks up the paws of the unconscious wolf and continues to dance.

Now we have three laughing, prone, visible pixies. The cleric attempts grappling a second pixie, and misses, badly... and once again asks what made them this way. She's referring to their sickly appearance. DM rolls percentile for the three of them, determines that they all point at the druid. Cleric is annoyed.

Okay so the gunslinger's idea of "helping" fighter realize its an illusion is to get in front of the fighter, and stand there dodging swings and ask what the fighter's fighting. Roll for disbelieve illusion, fail, fighter sees the demon eat the gunslinger. The fighter continues attacking.

The bard has his head on straight again, so he attempts a knowledge nature check to see whats wrong with the pixies. He rolls a 1. I know skill checks can't be fumbled, well DM says they can. So the bard's player says "Wait, I'm not at the bank!" to represent his fumble. Next is one of the remaining pixies.

Permanent Image again, failed roll again, the bard IS at the bank.

Magus? She's making friends with the pixie she's got by the waist.

Druid continues dancing.

Gunslinger, attempts to pistol whip the fighter prone. Hits, doesn't knock prone, fighter things the demon hit him. This really only makes him angry.

Cleric asks again, this time she specifically asks "Why are you sick?" Pixie makes a knowledge nature check, rolls a 6, answers "Umm, something down in whitewillow... must have... pthththth." yeah, the pixie shrugs and raspberries. Cleric looks at the dm with a look. Dm says "I rolled a 6!" Of course, the someone asks of the pixie really broke the fourth wall... Dm rolls percentile, and determines, yet again that weirdness happened. The pixie really does answer "I rolled a 6!"

Me, I'm ready for a little sanity, my staff is the UE Hurricane Staff it's already over my head, so a couple of spins, "Enough of this Tomfoolery!" and gust of wind. I knock the two pixies who'd stood back up prone again, and the one in front of me (who I couldn't see) falls prone and is also visible.

It doesn't really help, but someone loudly asks if anyone knows what happened to the pixies. The final pixie voluntarily becomes visible and explains that none of them were there for whatever happened, but for it to affect pixies this far out, something very bad must have happened in Whitewillow.

Peace is made, we offer to help, since we're headed that direction anyway and looking for a lost human who was obviously in love with a nymph. They mention they've not seen him in quite some time. We head off.

As a leaving gesture, the (remember female) magus/rogue attempts to steal a pixie's underwear. They aren't wearing any.

So a "combat" that lasted maybe four rounds in game (that I probably don't recall the proper order of things happening). Took most of the night, and made the night like no planned encounter ever could have. It was mad, goofy, and excellent, and I expect this game to have more nights like it before its over.

Most of all, I don't know if I'll ever be able to say the word pixies with a straight face again.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lots going on, little to say

So here's a rundown of the things that have happened lately. I've meet several of the players the brother wanted me to, they're cool. I expect to step into a few games. One should fold me in Sunday, one is a Kingmaker AP run starting I'm the spring, and I'll be running two. This doesn't include family games.

Tabletop Forge folded into roll20. Some have been upset, some are thrilled, I am amongst the latter. For those that aren't, it's the same as one company buying another. Sometimes it kills a product, sometimes the company folds technologies into their product. This is the later, and is saving an otherwise doomed vision.

RPG superstar is in round 2 voting, some interesting monsters showed up. Check it out.

Finally, I purchased my reapercon ticket today. It'll be my first real convention. Should be fun!

That's about it for now. A note, I wrote this post on my cyanogened nook. I'm still not good at using it for serious typing.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Abilene, A Gungslinger, RPG Superstar 2013, Paizo's 10 year ride

So, I've been a little quiet lately. Mostly because once again, I've changed cities. This time, back to Abilene. I've only been here a week though, and feel far better settled than other moves. I'm sure that's partially because I already know people, but really I think it'll work this time.

For example, my brother moved here a while back, and found a large chunk of the pathfinder players I kept looking for. Also, a promising game store has opened. I've been by three times now. Nice space, plenty of tables, and a great stock for a startup. They also opened a few months before their original plan. I think despite some challenges it presented them, it's actually a good thing.

I haven't even moved into my own place yet, and I've watched an organized play session, and had a one on one session with the brother. This one in a fantastic race infused western setting. I'm playing a gunslinger. Wow they're powerful, even without the insta-death gunshots lots of people I've conversed with over firearms in RPGs. I didn't walk the floor that night by any means, but I held my own in a situation that should have been bad for a solo character.

That said the character's gonna be a blast (pun only partially intended). I expect to completely enjoy this game. Session reports upon permission.

On a different note, the 2013 RPG Superstar 32 were announced this week. I haven't looked over the whole list yet, but what I've seen so far seems promising. I think this'll be a interesting year, despite no currently twisted tasks.

This year's RPGsuperstar, the mmo, Gamemastery's name change, Rasputin, lots of interesting things coming from Paizo this year. Not surprising considering the truly impressive ten years they've had so far.

Lisa Stevens, Paizo's CEO, spent some time last year talking about that. If you haven't read her 10th anniversary retrospective series. Do so. They really show just how wild their ride has been. Below are links to each entry:

Year 0 2002, Year 1 2003, Year 2 2004, Year 3 2005, Year 4 2006, Year 5 2007, Year 6 2008, Year 7 2009, Year 8 2010, Year 9 2011 Year 10 2012

I've only really followed Paizo since late 2008, but that four and a half years was wild just to watch. I know some are talking about how some of their 2013 products seem like they've jumped the shark. I know some think D&D next is supposed to bring WOtC back to the top. Yet everything (except the MMO) I've heard of Paizo's future releases sounds just as awesome as my first read through the PFRPG beta download. So congrats, good luck, and here's hoping we see ten more years of Paizo and Pathfinder!