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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Skywatch Coronation

This past weekend was the first official coronation of the Shire of Skywatch. From Friday afternoon all through Saturday and into early Sunday morning Fort Griffin state historical site was The Place To Be. The food was great, the games were fun, and 57 amtgardians from all over texas (and even a few from New Mexico) were the best company I've been among in a long time.

Friday began with (of course) setting up camp and the common/tavern area. Most of that was set before I arrived but as part of the caravan with the final hardware I still helped with that. Shortly after nightfall the games began. The regent for the shire started little roleplay/battle games involving retrieving items from other players, hunting down zombies and vampires, gladiator duels and other entertainment. After a few hours of this most everyone moved to the camping area for the bonfire and bardic.

Saturday started early for some of us, I found that I didn't quite get to the site with everything needed for breakfast, but we managed. Then once more people started crawling out of tents and moving about we began ditching to wake up and followed with a small tournament. The tavern's small-games picked back up for a while and after a break for lunch we had the "Retaking of Fort Skywatch" battlegame. I went into the game as a weaponless healer, and still managed to contribute to Skywatch. This was followed by a huge spaghetti feast and court. Kesic, Jorrland, and Norgoth stepped down as Sheriff, Regent, and Champion and Antininus moved to Sherrif while Opaldragon stepped up as Regent, Gorith as Champion, and Honir moved into the empty Prime Minister slot. So started the first official reign of Antininus.

It was also my first tent camping in years. I quickly discovered that I missed that as well, and really need to do it more often just to keep myself prepared for proper long-term camping.

So, for a while I'll be focusing a little on getting back into the swing of camping, and amtgard style roleplay again. I'm not (with the exception of events) part of the leadership in an official status anymore for amtgard, so I'm going to focus a little more on House Ralaar-Khlu and just having a good time as an amtgardian.

I still have minis to paint, Pathfinder games to play, and Warlord games to play/organize, and perhaps MTTC to try and revive. I won't be setting those aside. However, I really have found a place in amtgard I didn't feel was there the first time.

As Honir texts me many times...

Viviat Skywatch!

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