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Friday, June 15, 2012

Tabletop Forge

Tabletop Forge is a new(ish) virtual table top I've talked about before. It differs from rptools Maptool greatly. The coolest feature is that it's built as a google hangouts application. This removes the need for an gathering everybody up on skype or teamspeak, making sure the dm's firewall is configured correctly, and various other things that have to be done separately in other VTs.

But that's not what I'm talking about today. Today I'm pointing out neat stuff that's happened for the TF team.

Their kickstarter is doing very well, it's already past its second stretch goal. Also lots of really cool people have offered material or to run games in the VT. So its become quite popular.

So popular infact that the team has been invited to google I/O.

The family/Mask game is moving to TF as well apparently so as that moves I'll review the software. In the mean time congrats to Tabletop Forge!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Kickstarters, Blog splitting consideration

A note about this post. I do not own and am not in anyway related to any of these projects or the images used for links to the Kickstarter pages. No infringement is intended.

First, A few Kickstarters that interest me. Here's Catalyst Game Lab's The Duke. CGL is why Battletech is still a live. So just about any thing they do interests me at least a little.

Next is a kickstarter for a portable gaming table. I'd been looking at designing something like this myself just last year. I hope this one turns out. The goal is pretty high though.

For those that want a darker setting for their pathfinder games. The Bleeding Hollow looks to be an interesting option. I'll be getting the pdf and will probably do a review later.

Now for three a little different. These are computer game Kickstarters, all RPG related and mention looking to release on linux.

First is a classic 8-bit style RPG called Crystal Catacombs. It's met its primary funding but its first stretch goal is a map editor, which should be fun.

Finally we come to a "point and click" rpg called Hexit. This one's current charm is graphics/eye candy, but promises a real world. A hi quality graphics game on linux can only be a good thing. This one also has a pretty high funding goal, but more than 20 days to go.

That's no where near all of the Kickstarters that I've looked at this week. There are lots of projects coming even just to the RPG (P&P or Video) genres. Originally I was posting a kickstarter that interested me because a) it interested me, and b) I didn't have anything else to talk about.

Now (as you can see above) there's enough traffic on kickstarter to turn my ranting into a KS spam fest. I don't want that. I do want to pass on projects I'm interested in in a timely fashion though. This means something like "only one kickstarter post/month" won't work. Once a week is letting projects slip by as it is, and filling my G+ or facebook or twitter pages with KS links doesn't really work either.

Then there's the fact that NSNGaming exists finally, and my personal gaming and other rants really should be separate. So I'm thinking about some kind of split of my blog, twitter, and or creating G+/Facebook pages for NSNGaming and such.

I haven't made any hard decisions yet, but when I do. I'll post them here, as always.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Product Review: PDG's The Gods of Porphyra

Purple Duck Games released The Gods of Prophyra this week and offered me a chance to do a review.

The other name for The Gods of Prophyra is The Open Faiths Project. It is the first installment in PDG's open world of Porphyra. While lots of rulesets and rule expansions are open content, this is the first project I know of to make an OGL setting. Mark Gedak explains his reason behind the open faiths and open world ideas. Those ideas alone are enough to get excited about.

The excitement doesn't end there, however. The product itself is exciting in many ways. After the introduction Open Faiths dives right into the world with excerpts from various holy books. These excerpts take a few members of the pantheon and provide a feel for them and the pantheon as a whole. This is wrapped up with a out of character explanation of "The Calling"-- the event that brought these divine beings to a world originally without divinity.

The next section is dedicated to two new cleric domains and four sub-domains (two for each primary domain). The Art Domain (with Movement and Sound sub-domains) and Time Domain (with Future and Past sub-domains) will be a great addition to any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or OGL setting.

After that, the product gets to the real meat. The Deities section opens with a two page chart introducing all twenty-seven deities (three for each OGL alignment). The chart is followed by a one page entry for each deity. This entry starts with the usual coverage of alternate names, worshipers, alignment, domains and subdomains, favored weapons and animals and art representing the deity. After this is a set of subsections covering the legend behind the god, how the church behaves, rituals for faithful divine spell preparation, and two religious traits to go with The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign traits system.

As for detail about the deities themselves, the only thing I'll mention here is that unlike many pantheons, only one deity in this one is tied to a specific race (if you can call the Mâlites a race). This breaks tradition in fantasy settings in a way that I expect will be rather interesting, and fits with the idea that these gods were summoned by the inhabitants of the world, not part of its creation.

The final section is extra gaming material: new spells, more info and statblocks covering the Mâlites, and a note.

"With the completion of the God of Porphyra project, I will be turning my attention to gathering writers to contribute to the forty lands that make up the primary setting of the Patchwork World of Porphyra."
This is an awesome product, especially for $5.00 USD. The art, gods, and extra material are well thought, inspiring, and new. It's already sparked a few campaign ideas, and filled some wholes in some in my Krenna project. My only complaint (if you can call this a complaint) is that there's not a print or POD purchase option yet. I hope we'll get something like that for the complete setting near the end.

Congrats PDG!