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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making Libreoffice Behave in a Dark KDE Color Scheme

Okay... So this isn't really related to Roleplaying Games beyond the fact that I use KDE for my desktop environment on Ubuntu, and Libreoffice to do a lot of my stuff for my personal games and some of my NSN Gaming work. That said

I like KDE, I like LibreOffice. LibreOffice has a few oddities on KDE. The default icon set and drop menus have some issues with dark themes. Also the default icon's aren't all that great. Worse, on a really dark color scheme in KDE, all of LibreOffice's tool tips are black text on really dark background.

So here's what I've figured out.

First, the instructions here are for debian/ubuntu packages... if you run some other version of linux you'll have to adapt.

There's an unoffical set of icons for LibreOffice that are named after the "Faenza" Theme of icons. They look pretty good, regardless of theme color. Get them off of gnomelook's website. Follow the instructions posted.

Yes, those instructions are messy... you download a iconset, then you install an official iconset and replace parts of it with the ones you downloaded... but it works.

Now make some color changes in Libreoffice Tools->Options->Appearance

Set your document background to white, and your font color to black. Why? That's the automatic settings!

Not really... the auto settings pull from your KDE color scheme. And sometimes its weird what you get.

Now pick your dark kde color scheme. If you loose the ability to read your menus and tooltips, change back long enough to enter Tools->Options->View. This is where you set the icons, set them back to oxygen. Change to your dark theme in KDE without closing the LibreOffice Options window, then change back to the "crystal" set (really Faenza). That's when my tooltips and dropbars and menus started being legible again!

Hope it works... tell me if it doesn't and what you had to do to make it work later!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Surveys and Distractions

First, some of the RPGS contestants have responded. I'm going to send them a flat pdf of the current alpha stage of the Organization Sheet, and one current version of a published sheet for a "look&feel" sample (and to thank them for the time they're spending).

As for time... I may have stumbled on a way to waste a large amount of it.

I blew 40USD on They were running a sale on D&D related games by one get one free, also anyone that participated got a free copy of Temple of Elemental Evil. 9 games for 40 bucks. Yes please!

The offer's valid until this coming Monday. It's a pretty good list. I'll probably loose a few months free time to it.

So, if my next few blogs are short, or missing, well... I'm having fun!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Get your gear out! Paizo's got 8 encounters for you!

So yeah, that's the "twists" for this years RPG Superstar round 4. Before voting begins, everyone gets a week to run through the eight encounters.

Can we all get 24 hours in a week to play and vote? I'm gonna try for at least a few... there's just a few kinks.

1) The local gamers are all out of town for work right now, and won't be back until it's almost time to vote.

2) The weekend they come back, I'll be in Lubbock finishing somethings up. I won't get back until voting starts.

3) I still haven't heard from the group at the store up the street.

So... I suggest anyone who even looks here once and a while and plays to give the encounters a whirl and go vote!

On a different note.

SOPA & PIPA are dead, but GoDaddy missed the memo:

Here I was considering starting getting a domain and space for NSNGaming, and they pull this. I'll be looking for hosting elsewhere. Not everything Google does is great, but I don't pay Google for anything. GD just convinced me not to give them any money.

Speaking of website work. I've made some minor changes here. Partially because I was bored, partially because I felt the previous layout wasn't exactly winning anyone over. I'm not sure I'm done yet, the hope is to move to something professional looking that's still me and still gaming. Now if I can find a color scheme that doesn't look like its ripped straight out of the Pathfinder Compatible Logo.

Finally, I ran across another artist online in my surge to find more Pathfinder players on G+. His prices are reasonable and his art should mix well with Guy's. One more step I suppose.

I'll ramble some more next Friday.

Friday, February 10, 2012

General updates

Top 16 Announced Congratulations and good luck to the continuing contestants!

Three people who made the top 32 said they'd be interested in the Organization Sheet after the contest is over. Those three made the top 16. I've made some personal tweaking of late... but I think I just need to sit down and use the bloody thing a couple dozen times.

I have another "what we're sending" email from paizo. Some good stuff coming, but I'd also ordered extra copies of the Inner Sea Map Folio (one for re-framing (grr Hobby Lobby) and one never to be opened). So my wallet appreciates the lack of a hardback.

I've found some interesting posts on

I've been working on a logo for Notsonoble's Gaming again. Still looking at a D20 with 20 above the face that's "up" and N's on each side with an S in the middle. The sibling is supposed to be cleaning up what I started with.

I now have a scenario idea for all five sections of Snakes Among Us. Some things that I was considering originally happening in the scenario happen "off board", but there should still be plenty of fun.

So the 3.0-5ish game I'm in has moved forward, its still a freaking huge party... but now I don't feel so bad about my big party game flopping. I've been asked to build a caster villan for the DM to use later. I wasn't given anything beyond "caster" so I don't know what I'm going to build yet... but hopefully this weekend she'll have an idea and I can go from there.

This is the forth or fifth time I've been asked to make an antagonist for a DM... I'm starting to wonder if I could start something under NSN for that... Custom NPCs and backstories on commission...

Some other things have been set back because my financial situation isn't the windfall I expected. However, I think I'll manage...

What I'd really like is some feedback on what's already there. I have three products out, and so far one person as made comments about any of them...

So if you've purchased one or more of the sheets. Post a review. Here, on their page at paizo... anywhere... just send word.

Thats it for now.