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Thursday, March 4, 2010

GM's Day

So It seems that today is GM's Day. RPGNow and some other companies are doing sales on stuff, and some people have talked about it other places I frequent on the internet.

If the forum and Enworld can be believed, its been a round since 2002.

So call your Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, and Storytellers and tell them thanks today. If their like me they work their tails off even for the crappy sessions. If not they don't work their tails off, then your lucky to have talented GMs and should thank them anyway!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Working on an Underdark Game... creating a anti-cleric

So I've got this "Matron Mother" for a FR game that has somehow managed to survive despite not being even a cleric of Lolth... well, she was for a while, but it's kinda hard to keep favor with a deity when you discover you truly hate her guts.

A Rogue 5, Assassin 10, Cleric 1, can probably go ex-cleric and survive... especially when she gives up on her "worthless mistress" during a time when her god doesn't answer anybody anyway. So when the spider queen returns instead of simply asking for power from her, she does what any powerful drow who spent her life assassinating her "betters" and demons. She simply steals the power by force of will.

But now I need something for her to progress in, that could protect her from Lolth's personal wrath... and keeps other women at bay... My first thought? Complete Divine's Ur-Priest...

But I'm running FR with the Pathfinder ruleset... and I don't really like Ur-Priest anyway... and I want something that perhaps I can post... then I notice the spell progression of Ur-Priest... now I don't mind a 10 level class that provides 9th level spells, but it provides more perday's than Pathfinder, and its an odd progression... and I need to slap 10 more levels on this character RTFN, because she's a major player NPC in the game I'm running.

Okay... So thinking about it... I've decided I'll build an Ex-Cleric... divine power stealing... wicked class... but how?

First, I think I'm gonna have it be very wizard like... requires a spell book, spell components (and for the spells that only have a focus, some other reusable component... like specifically defaced holy symbols)... and some advantage to replace domain spells.

I think I'll also make it "Any Non-Good" good ex-clerics probably shift deities in the better half of the pantheon, or have shifted from an evil deity... they tend to also tend to focus on other abilities instead of hungering for the power they've been denied. Neutral's could hunger only to weaken some deity that offended them, but otherwise wishes the world no ill, perhaps is even out to prove that the deities are unnecessary and spends much time working for the greater good, but at very aggressive odds with any clergy...

I'm not sure if I'm gonna post this yet. I didn't make RPGSuperstar this year, but I plan on entering next year... and they're kinda running out of things to give as second, third, and fourth stage challenges... So I don't know if I want to drop a custom open to the public prestige class out there, only to make the second cut and part II of RPGS 2011 be "create a prestige class"... Then again, if they did, there'd probably be something specific about it... So I may do this anyway. I can always make another.

So if I definitely want comments on the concept, and if I post a mechanics version... I'll want comments and playtest reports! If it goes that far... then based on peoples responses, and playtesting here and with you all... I'll tweak it over time. I'll attach it in a document with OGL and PFCL stuff attached. So if it works, I can follow up with it in actual published material without any legal or personal guilt.

I'll also cross post it at Paizo, and give them limited permission to use whatever develops out of it.