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Monday, April 15, 2013

"Noble" settles in Skywatch

So this is a re-write of my Amtguard persona. Getting back in has caused it to nag me for a couple of weeks now, and tonight I had one of those "muse in the shower" moments.

So here's the "dump the brain on the keyboard" draft.

Noble was, like many who found themselves in the Duchy of Irongate, lost and astray. His name was all he remembered of his family, and it was a poor choice. He was less than a commoner when he wandered into the local temple, after all commoners had a roof, work, and food.
He spent a few days in the temple simply existing. Then the town and temple were attacked, and he found he was able to, with the assistance of other adepts and holy books, channel the same energies as priests who healed and even brought back the dead.
He decided to stay for a time. He lived at the temple and studied. He helped with injured, and even fought in defense of Irongate as he could.
Later, word of his original family drew him to the road. He traveled south, and eventually west. After years of wondering and learning, his search turned up empty. Eventually he headed back east, but when he was about to turn north, he found something very different.
The shire of Skywatch had risen along the road back to Irongate. His friend Antininus was there, older, wiser, and far more powerful. Antininus asked him to stay and help with the new village. At first Noble was hesitant, but he stayed as Antininus's guest for a few days.
It was at this point he met many villagers of Skywatch who showed promise as defenders and healers of the new village. It was then that he realized he'd spent all this time searching for a home, when what life wanted of him was to make a home.
Noble asked Antininus for some land near the edge of town. Antininus used his powers as prime minister to get Noble a land grant for a temple and a little extra for a personal home. Since then he has invited Malac, Amara, two others [sorry guys, can't remember your persona names] into that home as friends and fellow members of the temple. He's devoted himself to helping the village get on its feet, and provide healing, guidance, and protection.
Some of his new friends have helped in that regard, and show promise as protectors and healers. Antininus and the Sheriff, Kesic, petitioned the Kingdom of the Golden Plains for annexation. When the news of acceptance came so did a warning. Several Lords of the Golden Plains had decided to settle a small feud over the claim to "an as yet uncharted forest" with sword, and many had not yet heard of Skywatch's existence yet, so now the Shire would have to defend itself from many of its new brethren.

Some of this will probably have to change based on the kingdom and shire story behind the park-vs-park battle game at the inauguration celebration, and the brother's persona histroy rendition of coming to Skywatch, but there's what splatted in my head tonight.

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  1. Very cool.

    -His Grace Antininus Arealious Esq.