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Thursday, October 10, 2013

No Kings made, Death's hands changed, off to the Seas, and down with the hellknights!

So here's this random-time-period's news.

First, the Kingmaker game with the sibling meets tomorrow for its last time. The campaign will continue with others, but the DMs schedule means we're out. I would've liked to give it another go, but I'm actually not all that torn up about it. Some other time I'll either run or play through it with another group. The sibling and I aren't without a game to play yet though, more on that below.

Second, the four horsemen game I was running is now finished. The party constantly changed and only settled down near the end. I didn't really finish Famine's arc but kinda needed to wrap up. So the final battle happened in Abaddon. When I had them cross a small section of Styx, they decided to use flight instead of a raft. This was fine, but instead of completing their move to cross they hovered over it and dropped spells on some daemons that attacked them. The daemons in question had dispel magic. The cleric and one sorcerer ended up in the river brain and soul wiped.

The remaining sorcerer and the cavalier ran for it. Came across a pair of boatmen, and went to pay them passage back to the regular world. After some conversation they discovered that Death had the boats and all but a few boatmen destroyed. They then convinced these two boatmen to help fight Death. So when they got to the machine Death and his preferred two boatmen assembled, (pretty much a giant soul blender that pumped energy into Death and his lackeys) it was two boatmen and two players vs two advanced boatmen and Death. (I didn't have a statblock for death, so it he was just a really advanced boatmen with some extra nasty abilities.)

The game ended with the cavalier shouting "I want your JOB!" while dealing the final damage to Death. Death dissipated and the cavalier sat on the throne, and restored things back to before the soul blender. As a final "favor" to the rest of the party he had the two in the river reincarnated and kicked back into the world with no memories and no stuff. The sorcerer he had booted back to the real world with all the other people's (except his own) gear. So now there's a well outfitted goblin dragon disciple somewhere in the world who death owes a favor, and the other sorcerer and cleric have started over at level 1 with no memory but their names in a Reign of Winter game run by the player of the surviving sorcerer.

My witch for Kingmaker got a new name, a little different history, and is now in a Skulls and Shackles game with my brother (run by the person who's cavalier became death, and is the Runelords DM). The party involves her, my brother's female inquisitor of besmara, a female half-orc barbarian played by one friend, and a male human pirate(rogue archetype) played by the dm of my the other game that's now on tuesdays Council of Thieves. She completes a completely gender-bending party, all by chance but her. It's fun.

As for her Council game. She's starting a blog as well. I think the two of us will try and keep consistent posts about that game here and there. You can visit Selvaron's blog here. I'm playing a chelaxian native human freehand fighter (archetype). He's a former member of the Dottari, who decided he'd be more useful to westcrown investigating things on his own.

I've gone from two APs that I'm playing in and one freeform game I was DMing, to four APs. I'm also considering starting Legacy of Fire. I'm pretty sure that this is one of the definitions of insanity, but that's fine by me.

Now for something a little different, the Shire of Skywatch is still doing okay. I'm not playing as hard as I was when it started, but I'm still enjoying the occasional visit. What's interesting is there's another startup field starting in November. So on the 10th I'll be going to San Angelo's Nightglade field's opening day.

Add to all this a free form RWBY game we hope to get off soon, and other madness, and I'm happily lost in too much stuff to do again!

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