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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not Dead Yet

Well, I've let this go quite a while. Not intentionally, lots of "I'll post Sunday, after all the things happening this weekend are done." Followed by forgetting.

So here's how it is:

For a while there Skywatch was growing at 10-15 sign-ins a week. Now we seem to have settled at a stable  35-40 people without guests. Additionally, we had a day event in May, between the local presence and guests we had over 100 sign-ins! That's right, 50 of us, and 50 travelers for a single day event. It was insane, and great fun. Our first Coronation is July 6th, and it'll be a camping event. We're hoping for another 100+ attendance, that should be easier with a camping event, especially with Gathering of the Clans being a little off this year.

The group is really doing well. Also, Antininus is running for the first full-term Monarch position. I can only see this as a good thing, he's popular with most everybody and really knows how to make a field do well. I'm not running for GMR, because we've had a good collection of reeves and one particular who wanted GMR and I think can do a far better job than I can.

I've started a household (House Ralaar-Klhu) that will be an RP/field service household, compared to the field its a little behind on stability, but things are looking good.

RotR: Marcello is 12th, we've had a wild time, and a rough time. Since I last spoke we've defeated a Frost Wright (the dryad's dead lover), a Necromancer, and survived a raid on Sandpoint by stone giants and dire bears and a dragon. One of the Stone Giants was captured, and after some interrogation we learned that a much larger force planed to attack very soon. So off we went to see if we could stop it.

The next session (tonight or next saturday depending on a few people's attendance) will start with the epic fight against Mokmurian, the infamous Stone Giant wizard. It could very well be the end of us, but we'll give him a good fight. (I hope). The DM has also started a session in his homebrew world that'll run if for some reason we're short a player or two.

Other PFRPG: My Four Horseman game has hit famine, and I plan to wrap up pretty soon. We've had a lot of new characters and drops, so the party's kinda out of whack. It was never supposed to be a long campaign, so once I've got it wrapped up I'll see if this current party would like to continue.

The Kingmaker game I was invited to starts this coming Tuesday. I'm stoked to be on the same side of the table as my brother for a change. Also, Ultimate Campaign came out just in time. I'm going to loan it to the DM for looking over so that we can use the adjusted mass combat and kingdom rules. Also, a happy side effect, Brevory has a city built around an Observatory named Skywatch, so my household requirement of playing my persona in a P&P game just filled itself!

My brother's single player games where you take the leadership feat are wrapping up. He's also doing a game for several of us in the fall that will be based on the areas the leadership feat games developed. Should be fun.

I've started a Second Darkness campaign, unfortunately the original day we picked has turned to mush. I'll pick it up again once schedules start making since.

Mt:tC, Marvel, & other:

TC seems to have died completely this time around. I'll keep Shinyai the Kitsune around for something. I really want to see that character played out. Marvel finished with us defeating Sauron and finding that the Shield base just outside the Savage Lands had been up to no good. I was going to get in on an Xmen game by the same DM as Kingmaker, but due to scheduling conflicts with another player we had to pick one game each.

Next weekend is FreeRPG day for lots of people. Our store didn't get in on it on time, but we're doing a rpgday/aarp birthday that weekend anyway. I'll be missing amtgard to help with it.

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