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Friday, January 25, 2013

Abilene, A Gungslinger, RPG Superstar 2013, Paizo's 10 year ride

So, I've been a little quiet lately. Mostly because once again, I've changed cities. This time, back to Abilene. I've only been here a week though, and feel far better settled than other moves. I'm sure that's partially because I already know people, but really I think it'll work this time.

For example, my brother moved here a while back, and found a large chunk of the pathfinder players I kept looking for. Also, a promising game store has opened. I've been by three times now. Nice space, plenty of tables, and a great stock for a startup. They also opened a few months before their original plan. I think despite some challenges it presented them, it's actually a good thing.

I haven't even moved into my own place yet, and I've watched an organized play session, and had a one on one session with the brother. This one in a fantastic race infused western setting. I'm playing a gunslinger. Wow they're powerful, even without the insta-death gunshots lots of people I've conversed with over firearms in RPGs. I didn't walk the floor that night by any means, but I held my own in a situation that should have been bad for a solo character.

That said the character's gonna be a blast (pun only partially intended). I expect to completely enjoy this game. Session reports upon permission.

On a different note, the 2013 RPG Superstar 32 were announced this week. I haven't looked over the whole list yet, but what I've seen so far seems promising. I think this'll be a interesting year, despite no currently twisted tasks.

This year's RPGsuperstar, the mmo, Gamemastery's name change, Rasputin, lots of interesting things coming from Paizo this year. Not surprising considering the truly impressive ten years they've had so far.

Lisa Stevens, Paizo's CEO, spent some time last year talking about that. If you haven't read her 10th anniversary retrospective series. Do so. They really show just how wild their ride has been. Below are links to each entry:

Year 0 2002, Year 1 2003, Year 2 2004, Year 3 2005, Year 4 2006, Year 5 2007, Year 6 2008, Year 7 2009, Year 8 2010, Year 9 2011 Year 10 2012

I've only really followed Paizo since late 2008, but that four and a half years was wild just to watch. I know some are talking about how some of their 2013 products seem like they've jumped the shark. I know some think D&D next is supposed to bring WOtC back to the top. Yet everything (except the MMO) I've heard of Paizo's future releases sounds just as awesome as my first read through the PFRPG beta download. So congrats, good luck, and here's hoping we see ten more years of Paizo and Pathfinder!

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