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Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Kickstarters, Blog splitting consideration

A note about this post. I do not own and am not in anyway related to any of these projects or the images used for links to the Kickstarter pages. No infringement is intended.

First, A few Kickstarters that interest me. Here's Catalyst Game Lab's The Duke. CGL is why Battletech is still a live. So just about any thing they do interests me at least a little.

Next is a kickstarter for a portable gaming table. I'd been looking at designing something like this myself just last year. I hope this one turns out. The goal is pretty high though.

For those that want a darker setting for their pathfinder games. The Bleeding Hollow looks to be an interesting option. I'll be getting the pdf and will probably do a review later.

Now for three a little different. These are computer game Kickstarters, all RPG related and mention looking to release on linux.

First is a classic 8-bit style RPG called Crystal Catacombs. It's met its primary funding but its first stretch goal is a map editor, which should be fun.

Finally we come to a "point and click" rpg called Hexit. This one's current charm is graphics/eye candy, but promises a real world. A hi quality graphics game on linux can only be a good thing. This one also has a pretty high funding goal, but more than 20 days to go.

That's no where near all of the Kickstarters that I've looked at this week. There are lots of projects coming even just to the RPG (P&P or Video) genres. Originally I was posting a kickstarter that interested me because a) it interested me, and b) I didn't have anything else to talk about.

Now (as you can see above) there's enough traffic on kickstarter to turn my ranting into a KS spam fest. I don't want that. I do want to pass on projects I'm interested in in a timely fashion though. This means something like "only one kickstarter post/month" won't work. Once a week is letting projects slip by as it is, and filling my G+ or facebook or twitter pages with KS links doesn't really work either.

Then there's the fact that NSNGaming exists finally, and my personal gaming and other rants really should be separate. So I'm thinking about some kind of split of my blog, twitter, and or creating G+/Facebook pages for NSNGaming and such.

I haven't made any hard decisions yet, but when I do. I'll post them here, as always.


  1. what about an additional page here, or a running highlight sidebar?

  2. I am considering a sidebar, but I'm worried about clutter.