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Friday, May 25, 2012

Project Updates

First... the second session of Mask is less than 24 hours away. The first session was kind of quiet, the parents are new to gaming and me and the sibling are still feeling them out. It was promising though!

The quick review of the first session. I'm playing a cleric of my LG deity, mom's playing a ranger (with a sailor concept), and dad's playing a wizard who's got a secret in his heritage that's very "no one has gone before".

So far we've shuffled to this town on the way to other destinations after finishing school or apprenticeships. A trade caravan has hit town and the market is packed with new stores, new shoppers, and unfortunately, new thugs.

Several pockets are picked. My cleric and mother's ranger notice, a chase/fight breaks out and the truth of the highly organized nature of the thugs is exposed. By the end of the day the four thugs are down, proof of at least three more is discovered, and the three of us are pressed into service as a small squad of the guard. Our current duty, hunt the gang.

Second... An email from Purple Duck Games
"Open Faiths

All 27 deities have been written (3 for each of the alignments).

All deities have gone through editing and development to link 
ideas and knit them into a coherent group.

I've sent the gods back to the authors to get second opinions and to make sure everything hangs together.

Tamas Baranya is handling the art duties for the god symbols and I expect them late next week.

The origin of the world and the primary relationship of the gods is in 1st draft. 

We should be able to go to layout early June and then its on to the Open World project.

- Mark Gedak, Purple Duck Games."

Yep, we're very close to having an open license pantheon available to the public. Then there's the new project he hinted at... Sounds like fun!

Finally... Tabletop Forge has made lots of progress, and has an odd problem. Google currently doesn't have any support for Google Drive working in cohesion with Google Hangouts.

Now Drive is new, so its understandable that not everything works as some people's ideas would hope, but I agree with TTF that this should work as soon as possible. So speak up. Google's usually listening. (Sometimes more than we care for them too, but that's a whole other story not to be covered here).

Thats about it! My projects are moving, but aside from the updates to the character sheet a few weeks ago none of them are really to a point I want to talk to them here yet.

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