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Friday, May 11, 2012

More Kickstarters, First Game in Krenna

Couple of interesting kickstarters this week.

First the Pathfinder Online Tech Demo first, this one bugs me a little bit because its for just a tech demo. Now, I did read the FAQ about their reasons, and something hit me.

1) They hit their 50K goal in less than 24 hours, so they obviously underestimated what they could get from fans.

2) How is a "Tech Demo" of a game that's going to cost more than a million going to be a true demo when they can build it for only 50K?

3) Several even more "niche" projects have broke the 1M mark.

But like I said they hit their 50K already so we'll see what we get.

Second, is the City Generator from inkwell ideas a lot of inkwell's projects are nice... I really wanna see this one go through.

But enough of that, the second session of the first game I'm getting to play in Krenna is two weeks away.

Mask of Obmonshik is my brother's game he's running for me and the parents. So far its good, the second session is Memorial Day (US) weekend. I'll post more as it goes...

Speaking of the sibling, he's going to Reapercon next week. So his painting should get even better. He's also been sent some instructions on how to set up a good light box for taking pictures so we'll see some here soon!

That's all for now... later.

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