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Friday, February 24, 2012

Surveys and Distractions

First, some of the RPGS contestants have responded. I'm going to send them a flat pdf of the current alpha stage of the Organization Sheet, and one current version of a published sheet for a "look&feel" sample (and to thank them for the time they're spending).

As for time... I may have stumbled on a way to waste a large amount of it.

I blew 40USD on They were running a sale on D&D related games by one get one free, also anyone that participated got a free copy of Temple of Elemental Evil. 9 games for 40 bucks. Yes please!

The offer's valid until this coming Monday. It's a pretty good list. I'll probably loose a few months free time to it.

So, if my next few blogs are short, or missing, well... I'm having fun!

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