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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Get your gear out! Paizo's got 8 encounters for you!

So yeah, that's the "twists" for this years RPG Superstar round 4. Before voting begins, everyone gets a week to run through the eight encounters.

Can we all get 24 hours in a week to play and vote? I'm gonna try for at least a few... there's just a few kinks.

1) The local gamers are all out of town for work right now, and won't be back until it's almost time to vote.

2) The weekend they come back, I'll be in Lubbock finishing somethings up. I won't get back until voting starts.

3) I still haven't heard from the group at the store up the street.

So... I suggest anyone who even looks here once and a while and plays to give the encounters a whirl and go vote!

On a different note.

SOPA & PIPA are dead, but GoDaddy missed the memo:

Here I was considering starting getting a domain and space for NSNGaming, and they pull this. I'll be looking for hosting elsewhere. Not everything Google does is great, but I don't pay Google for anything. GD just convinced me not to give them any money.

Speaking of website work. I've made some minor changes here. Partially because I was bored, partially because I felt the previous layout wasn't exactly winning anyone over. I'm not sure I'm done yet, the hope is to move to something professional looking that's still me and still gaming. Now if I can find a color scheme that doesn't look like its ripped straight out of the Pathfinder Compatible Logo.

Finally, I ran across another artist online in my surge to find more Pathfinder players on G+. His prices are reasonable and his art should mix well with Guy's. One more step I suppose.

I'll ramble some more next Friday.

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