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Friday, January 6, 2012

El Paso!

Well. I'm here. So far I've only found a single game store, but I have found another gamer. I don't know how hard to arrange a game will be yet. Also, work is going to eat a lot of my time, but things look better than they did in Abilene the first month.

This post will be kinda basic. Unfortunately the stock nook color's browser doesn't play well with google's pages. That will be amended.

I have an apartment secured, but wont have it for another week. So my new nook, and my phone are my only personal devices.

On to things Pathfinder. The RPG Superstar open call is closed. I'm waiting to see the 32 contestants. I haven't heard back about my faction sheet. So I'm going to offer the unfinished sheet to all 32 after round 2 ends. They can comment and make suggestions at their own pace. I'll release a sheet shortly after superstar ends.

I'll also extend my coments here to using paizo pdfs, epubs, and other stuff. It'll probably be rooted, if not running cyanogen, by my next post. Well, thats it for now!

Happy Gaming!

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