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Friday, January 20, 2012

New game, DND5e, Halfling waitstaff

New game

So... Here's a big difference between moving to El Paso vs moving to Abilene. I'm already in a game. Yeah, thats right, first weekend that I really have in El Paso, and a "3.[dm'snameommitted]" game is dropped in my lap. I'm going to move my character to a real sheet sometime this weekend, as there is another session this sunday (that may or may not be the same game). I need to see if my old 3.5 sheet still exists somewhere, otherwise I'll have to find a 3.5 sheet that doesn't make me want to gag.


There's been some commentary going around, I've even seen WotC tweets and facebook posts, I went to one site (not yet confirmed legit) that 5e may even remove the class system. My view was in my tweet. WotC is not GW, and shouldn't crank editions out every three years. (Yes, I think 4e sucks, and because of that I should give 5e a chance, and probably will go to a free game... but really!)

Now is the time for Pathfinder to step up. Once again WotC's DnD will be going through a likely no translation of character move. Living setting play will require buying 150+ in books again... all the stuff that caused Paizo to step up is repeating itself. This is an opportunity.

Halfling waitstaff

On a side note, tonight providing me with an interesting situation. The venue I chose for supper has always treated me well, reguardless of the city I choose to eat in their restaurant. Tonight was no exception, steak was great, staff took very good care of me, and I enjoyed myself. However...

Tonight, said restaurant sat me at a table that was significantly lifted off the floor. (About a foot, or third of a meter). So you step up a ways to get into the table. This is no problem, then the waitress comes to get my  drink order. While my waitress wasn't short, the added height of the table made her eye level with the actual table surface.

Her height did not prevent her from doing a very good job. She was a little quieter than most wait staff I run across, but pleasant, and very good. It did however, give me a very good feel for how it would be to be served by a halfling. I say again, she was not a halfling. However, I will probably ask not to be seated at the lifted table again if I can get away with it. It is odd to not be able to see the person serving your food. At least I now have a better vision in my head for RP and writing, but those tables are probably the meanest thing for anything but basketball player sized wait staff.

Other blurbs

Next week I'll post a link to the top 32 for RPG Superstar. I still haven't heard anything from paizo about my organization sheet... so I'll offer it to the top 32 after the contest to play around with (or during, if they ask for it and paizo doesn't say no).

That's all.

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