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Friday, December 23, 2011

Moving, Bestiary 3, and stuff

Well, moving during the December holidays makes for a new level of crazy. Everyone wants you somewhere, and you still have to pack. You've got to get your mail forwarded, and you aren't as focused on the holidays, so you go to the store for something you need forgetting that EVERYONE's at the store getting last minute gifts. Then apartment complexes do crazy things like decide to repave the parkinglot on the day you need to be able to park a trailer close to the door for loading. Really guys? Oh well.

On a better note, the mail did manage not to return my subscription (like they did the check) and I got my Bestiary 3 and Mythical Monsters Revisited, and Dragon Empires Gazetteer. I also pre-ordered the Bestiary Box that releases in may.

All three products look good at first glance, life's kept me from really looking at them so an in-depth review will have to wait. If someone'll harp on me I'll do ones in January.

I've decided not to participate in RPG Superstar anyway this year. I simply don't have the time. I may still offer the worksheet for organizations to the top 32 to look at and comment on.

I'm also making preliminary plans to attend Paizocon 2012. I'm not sure how that's gonna work just yet, but I think its time I saw how some of this stuff really works.

That's all I gotta say this week. I might be more talkative when I'm down in El Paso.

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