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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving, Faction Sheet, El Paso

This is late. Again.

I spent the weekend that this typically falls on in Kentucky with my brother. I had a good time, got lots of rest, and two sessions of Pathfinder in the Dragonlance universe in. It was two firsts, one my first Dragonlance game, two the first time me and my sibling were both players in any D&D (there might have been once before, but I don't think so). So that was really nice. What time we typically spend on the same side of the table is usually co-gamemastering.

The other games we played were Settlers of Catan, and Twilight Imperium, both are really need games. I suggest them to people who want a "higher" board game.

I have one other major distraction going on. I'm taking a new job in El Paso, and my first day (barring paperwork issues) will be the first working day of January. So I get to pack all this back up and get ready to move.

Interesting times... but I think things are looking up, if I survive the chaos.

Okay enough distraction.

The free material for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner's Kit is pretty nice, and helps complete the Kit. There's a second scenario, that you can either doodle on the blank side of the folding map, or go out and snag the Gamemastery Map Pack: Mines for. It also introduces a few rules the kit left out, and puts some more meat to it.

It's also likely a 2-hour scenario, a little more to do than the first, but this should be your group's second session (or later)... so you should be able to get through more. After some deeper reading, two hours was Paizo's goal, so I shouldn't be bothered by it. I may even tackle building sessions to that length. The more I play the more I notice that even when we do play for hours on end, two is about where the breaks fall.

I've also read about half of Death's Heretic it's good. I'll probably finish it this weekend between spouts of packing. The Four Horsemen installment is also disturbingly yummy. A great balance of creepy and cool... GM'll love it, players'll like it too, but not what it'll mean for their characters.

I'm delaying the Faction, and Caravan Deluxe Worksheets again, the first because the research for the introduction/simple suggestions is getting deeper that I expected, the second because there's not really anything to add. Some other companies have mentioned work on supporting products, and Paizo's admitted that right now the systems broken, so this sheet's on a "wait and see" list.

The Faction sheet's in process, and now is the focus, but it's just me, and the universe has noticed my mostly empty plate and dumped second helpings.

Well, here's hoping your holidays go well. I'll write again in a week and a half.

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