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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You've got a long day of gaming ahead of you... what do you eat?

Roleplaying, CBT, Console, or Computer... you know your gonna be there all day( or night) and you don't want grabbing food to take too much time away. So what do you bring with you? If you do take a break for a meal, what do you typically get?

This can be at home gaming, or in the shop gaming...

Comments please!!!


  1. I usually game at home or at a friend's place, where I can just go in the fridge and grab something tasty. A quick sammich, chips, maybe even a piece of fruit. A lot of the time I'll eat rice with chicken or cheese in it.

  2. Yeah, a quick sandwich will work. Or order a pizza. Or use the opportunity to take a break and run next door to the subway/hardees/burger king/whatever is next door.