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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Region 3 Game Day, Foxtail Games, and another teaser

First, I went last week to Starfleet Region 3's Game Day in Roundrock Tx. Had fun... A little 3.5 and the Starcraft boardgame. There was also Battletech and yet another infant LARP group. Thanks to the USS Lonstar group for dragging me there, and the USS Archangel for hosting. I don't know where it's supposed to be next year, but Region 3 is Central Texas... so expect DFW/Austin/Lubbock.

Foxtail Games: I posted this on facebook a while back, but Guy Davis, a mutual Star Trek fan, is working on a CCG to publish under his as yet unrealized group called Foxtail Games. Why is this important? Well... He's offered (and even finished) art for my project... and we're talking about putting my setting as his group's second title. So I have a potential publisher, and art!!! Which leads me to my teaser.

Meet Ourane Parth:

Ourane is the Hereditary Mayor of the small town of Parth (named after the family who's farm became the center for the town... and who Ourane is a main decedent of). She'll be an important contact to the party during the entire campaign set. (I still haven't come up with a naming scheme for individual modules and their 4-piece groups.) She's smart, charismatic, and determined... but like the rest of the town, unprepared for idea the Parth would be threatened by more than the occasional magical beast or wild animal. Luckily for her that her family, despite the isolation of Parth... sticks to the tradition and unwritten rule that the ruling family of any individual settlement should spend time either in service of the standing army, or one of the various clergies. Lucky for Parth that the heroes of this story are there at the first attack.

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