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Monday, October 18, 2010

Krenna continues, despite computer death

That title doesn't really cover everything from the past two weeks. Just the important pieces. More play testing, brain storming, and writing means I'm closer to finishing Snakes Among Us. The players guide is up to three pages (two column format) even without art that's already been provided. The first "act" is exactly where I want it, and the second one is starting to shape up nicely.

Now, the computer... yeah dead mobo, on my only home machine. (I'm bumming for this post). It'll be a little bit before I'll get back up and running at home (probably December) but I'll be taking a older work laptop home for the duration. So I don't expect a huge delay.

Other things: I had my first successful gaming session under maptool over a network this past week. I've been using it more as an electronic game table for face to face sessions. So using the other way was a good experience, and we had lots of fun.

Now for another tiny bit about Krenna:

Races: Krenna is a world where reptilian races gained sentience before mammals (humans and such)... These reptilian races enslaved fantasy genre's more common races for a few centuries before the uprising and a climate change brought them down. Because of that, and some wars with the reptilian races gods, there are some differences.

Dwarves: Oldest mammal race, life span more like humans...
Elves: Tall, long lived, but eaiser to disguise as human than in most fantasy settings (more in the books)...
Gnomes: Think more garden gnomes, or if you saw the cartoon as a kid "David the Gnome"... but not quite so cutesy. Chances are I won't have them ready to play for the first story.
Halflings: Last race to develop, important to the uprising, and they know it.
Half-Elves: Not so shunned as in most settings...
Half-Orcs: Don't exist. In this world, orcs are the result of a curse a group of elves voluntarily accepted in a betrayal based grasp for power during the gods wars. The hate between orcs and humans is strong and they're biologically incompatible, the hate between orcs and elves runs clear to the blood, each of which is used as a poison against the other.
Humans: Not much to say here... or is there? You'll have to see in the books!

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