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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RGPSuperstar Top 8, Android Picks, Flashbacks

So I playtested Tom Phillips Eightfinger's Tomb with my brother, parents, and a friend this weekend. It was fun, I won't go into much detail here, but here's a link to my review. I've also voted already. If you haven't, voting is open.

Also, in more work towards a functional tablet, I've been playing with the following android apps:

Pathfinder Spell Compendium and Pathfinder Feat/Talent Compendium by Sven-Erik Jonsson
Very handy free spellbook app. Good on both Cyanogen7 for nook and phones. Feat/Talent app is also handy but new and not as polished.

Pathfinder NPC Gallery by Shaking Earth
Handy little reference to the NPCs in the back of the Gamemaster's Guide, has some issues on the Cyanogennook.

Pathfinder RPG Manager
Simple, incomplete in my opinion, but a nice init tracker

Dice Caddy
Handy, dice widgets on the home screen, otherwise pretty basic.

D&D Dice by b.freq
This one's kinda nice. Does math and has a good log. 

DM Assist
This one is much more complete than Pathfinder RPG manager, but looks horrid on a tablet. Hopefully that'll improve.

Found my old 3.5 sheet (and even the sheet it was based on) on the old family website. Getting ready to re-write parts of that story... Re-integrating some of those characters should save a little trouble with filling holes in some locations. It's also reminded me of two of the stories this setting was created to tell.

1. Simply because its different doesn't mean it's evil.

2. Simply because they're the leaders doesn't mean they're the good guys.

I think those stories are becoming important to tell again.

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