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Sunday, March 25, 2012


What do you want in a P&P, Board, and/or War gaming podcast?

I've watched and listened to several podcasts, some on games, some not. I've noticed that gaming ones have been rather weak in holding my attention. So I'm asking what you all would want in a podcast?

Before you answer... here's what I think needs to happen that I haven't seen.

Reliably: Lots of the podcasts I follow are consistent and frequent in releases. (Once a month, once a week).

News: My blog is an example of how NOT to do this part mostly. I'm mostly focused on ranting about things I see trying to get my Pathfinder RolePlaying Game setting off the ground. Some of the podcasts I've found cover products, but only months after release, and several are focused on one game. As much as I'd love to pretend Pathfinder and Battletech are the only games in the world, I know that's not true...

Energy/Chemistry: The gaming podcasts I've listened to are sleep inducing. So are some of the Android ones. However, I've listened to and watch several that kept my attention quite well. Some of the attention grabbing ones are even about subjects I'm not really interested in at the time.

So, what else do you want to see or hear? What games do you want covered? How much viewer input do you want? I won't say I'll start one, but I have asked someone who could do a really good job if they choose, or be a great help if I decide to start something myself.

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