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Monday, July 11, 2011

Mac Rants, Obsidian Portal Deeper Review,

First a rant about Mac's and Adobe Reader.

A while back I built and posted a Extended Reader Feature (Form you can save) Character sheet. It was huge, but all was well. My groups have been using it, and a few others have used it and said that things went well with it.

Well, one of my younger players was building her character on the little macbook her school supplies her. All well and good, until we loaded the files later from a cd she burned.

The sheets were blank, on windows and 'droid it was summer so we didn't have her mac.

Also the files were half the size. So we figured bad saves. Luckily I'd also had her save it to a pen drive I had on me the day she was making the character.

Dig that out, throw it in my nix box. Blank sheet WTF? Show forms. All the data's there, except it won't show when you hide the forms... Okay, copy to a new sheet manually. Saves just fine.

So somethings funky about the way macs save Extended Feature Files. Anyone else see this.

In brighter news. I've been using Obsidian Portal for a few games now and I like a lot of the stuff works. There are a few frustrations, some of the textile syntax are badly chosen for the situation, and there's no escape syntax so that one can use quotes in the adventure log or forums, but otherwise I'm happy.

I've got some more Krenna ideas running around in my head, and hope to continue a few of the local games that've been sitting soon. Paizo keeps sending stuff through the subscriptions, and I'm behind on looking at half of it, but real life is starting to calm down so with luck I'll have more time.

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