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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wolves, Witches, Hradani and a lack of gamers

Well, several chapters into Prince of Wolves... The story's good, but for the people who know my typical reading habits... I've not finished this book yet. Thats typically not a good sign. It really is how the story is presented that's bugging me. The chapters about Radovan aren't bad. But reading Varian's letters to his friend is just off.

The final pathfinder Witch class. I like some of the final changes. You pick a familiar, and then pick a patron these patrons aren't described beyond a basic type of power it grants the witch, so it could be anything from another way a god provides power to nature to some other being supernatural or mundane. The familiar is still the channel, but not the granter, and the patron choice determines what extra spells you get, not the familiar type itself. Much more flexible, and better from a use-the-class-to-create-the-story point of view.

David Weber has promised more Bahzell soon. Details I don't know, I'll check the bar over the next two weeks and see if he's left anything out there to describe his tweet in detail. While I hope we get our HH anthology soon, more Hradani stories is a good thing.

Didn't get any gaming in with the people who expected some, and still haven't had any luck locally. I apparently just missed a group talking at the shop that's talking about expanding into the gaming universe, so we shall see.

I know this post is kinda bleh and "more of the same" but I've never been good at keeping any kind of journal... Let me get into the habit, both of jotting down things to talk about that happen to me, and remembering that I need to look at things to talk to others about.

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