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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pathfinder Tales, Advanced Players Guide, and Life

First: Life has been a freaking crazy roller-coaster inside a dungeon on a planet with random changes in gravity... But things have started to calm down. I'm back to a single apartment... My brother's married and off to Dublin... The job has reached a stage where I don't feel 30 weeks behind in what needs to be done... The drama between friends/family has been sifted out... All in all a crazy summer that looks to be followed by a quiet fall...

But enough of that, off to the new things that came in the mail.

I can't say much about either the Player's Guide or the new novel at this point. I've skimmed the players guide, the artwork's fantastic, the books nice and thick, and the material seems to be arranged well. I can't wait to play a witch or an oracle, unfortunately i'm stuck in no-gamer-ville for the foreseeable future. Although I am making an attempt to remedy that (not moving, shaping the town). The new novel, well I've made it to chapter two. If you've been reading the web fiction, its about the same quality of work so far, its also the same characters, and POV. I don't know if I'm going to like lots of first person pov for novels. It's not bad, but I'm really hoping that this is something for these characters, expecting it to be Mr. Gross's stick, and worried its something to expect out of all PF fiction.

So that's about it. I hope to be a) more consistent with my posting here in the future, and b) have more worthwhile things to say from now on. We shall see.

Also on a side note: I finally moved in to the age of smartphones, I'm loving the Captivate, so I'll probably be able to post more often as well.

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