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Saturday, October 10, 2009

New stuff

Lets see...

Gimp 2.7, I'll be playing with that once I find a way to actually make it build on the laptop...

PFRPG Bestiary... "doesn't arrive 'til tuesday"... but paizo's got them so its all good.

Also check this out looks like the Core Rule Book @ 9.99 did so well they're gonna do the same with the Bestiary.

Windows 7 Pro... Played with this some at work. If you have to have windows, and are looking to move up... This is far better than the failure that was vista. It's still pitifully slow at some things (looking up computer lists on large networks, well ANYTHING network involved is sluggish)

Maptool 1.3b59... Getting there, trevor says build 60 will happen, but with luck 60 will be the "stable" build... then off to 1.4

Google Wave... anybody got a leftover invite? I've been itching to see how well it all works, and I agreed to pass trevor one for his community tool project to go with maptool.

All in all, there some interesting stuff coming up in the next few weeks... now I've gotta go build a CR18 Pathfinder Lich...

I finally have a session with the group that I was playing with last month... but it's still not at the apartment.

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