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Monday, October 19, 2009

New Stuff II

First... got my pdf of the Bestiary... Paizo's done another really great job with this book. There's not just great wads of changes over the original monsters... but the few differences I have noticed have been good. (Especially in the realm of clarification of fuzzy stuff).

Second... I just grabbed Michael Tumey's "The Gift". I'd already seen bits and pieces over at cartographer's guild... Looks like 56 pages of yummy dark goodness so far.

It's a 5-7 level adventure, for "Gaijin" (which is Japanese for outsiders)... Michel's mentioned that its designed for regular pathfinder characters to stumble a very Japan-like setting. I also remember him talking about how various "oriental books" either were extremely general, and did several things from several eastern cultures and mythos on purpose... or tried to pass of a lot of that general stuff as Japanese mythos and culture. He instead intended for a very true to Japan setting.

It's only available as a .pdf right now, but he's working with the people for Fantasy Grounds and Map Tool to have "VT modules"... He's also talked about a print copy... but isn't there yet... (Considering some of my plans, I'd like to see where that takes him from a publisher/creator pov)...

His maps, as always are great... The art is great... and the bits and pieces I've read are really good (I've had it literally 10 minutes).

If he gives permission I'll post the TOC here later:

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Races & Classes
    • Notes for DM
    • About the Region
  • Yonshu Island
    • Port of Gsijinoshima
    • The Cursed Ryokan
    • The Wilderness Beyond
    • Entering Tsue-jo
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices
    • About the Setting
    • A - Cosmology
    • B - Death & Reincarnation
    • C - Obake Beastiary
    • D - Language & Names
    • E - Religious Reference
    • Maps
  • License Information

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