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Friday, July 18, 2014

Nirmathas, MTTC, PFRPG Chase mechanic

Here's the latest. I know the post is short, but somethings can't quite be said yet.


The Open-ended Golarion game seems to be going well. They players are running about Nirmathas in search of a Bloodstone of Arazni. Several factions are also in play. I'd talk more but at least one player reads this blog (when entries are made). Feel free to follow along at the game's adventure log on obsidian portal.


It seems I'm playing two characters now. The other is Yuuta, a Tokyo bike cop, who has no particular tie to any faction. He's not really a fan of the Cataclysm Division either, and is in a bit of a tight spot between the legal thing and the right thing. Shinyai is currently involved with a Mihoist, but how long that lasts depend on how much she sees.

PFRPG's Chase Mechanic

In The Gamemastery Guide there's a mechanic for chase scenes. I got to play with it in the above Nirmathas game. It's fun. I need to use it a few more times to really get it down, but it's definitely going into games when I can. I've purchased the two decks of chase cards paizo did for it, but I'm betting I'll make my own larger ones. The mechanic describes placing figures on the card to determine where they are in the chase, and the skill check needed to proceed are on the card. So they might be a bit small for use.

Other notes

My kickstarter rewards for Rise of the Drow are in, I'll pick those up soon. Selling printed copies of the character sheet is still restricted to the store in Abilene. I don't make enough off of it to pay the membership involved to sell physical product on paizo or rpgnow yet. My personal setting has finished migrating to a google hosted wiki, and some more development has happened. I might keep hoping to have something setting wise available. I think I'll be there soon.

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