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Friday, November 9, 2012

Digging up old stuff helps!

So... the new map to work from is done. I still need to do maps of individual regions, but not having to re-work several realms geographical info and still get realm populations that I can work with helped a lot.

I started back up work on some of those realms. I dug out old thumb drives and external drives and found a lot of my older notes. Doing so actually filled some holes in my newer ideas. I really should have checked on this stuff earlier. I thought I'd already merged all of it into the wiki and current Krenna folders, but apparently not.

I also found some really wild stuff, like my 3.5 Zergling and Hydralisk conversions. Those have to get updated to pathfinder and put online... just for fun.

MTTC is kinda on hold. I'm waiting on others to post at this point.

I'm reading PFT: Queen of Thorns right now. I still find Gross harder to read than some of the other authors, and he's made Varian and Radovan harder to be interested in by only writing about them. The good news is we've got three more novels coming up and none are about previous main characters.

On a side note. I had to replace my aging printer. So far I'm finding the HP Officejet Pro 8600 pretty linux friendly. Which allowed me to do a lot of work on my setting today. I've been having days where I can't look at a computer screen for more than 10 minutes before walking away in pain. Paper notes made stuff lots nicer today (and hopefully will on Sunday.) I was hoping I could print some prototype stuff with the new printer at something that looked professional quality. I think it'll do the trick, but I'm gonna have to get off crappy paper.

That's about it. Later.

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