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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some New Settlement Properties For Commenting

Here's some additional settlement properties I'd like opinions on from people who watch my stuff and play The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. I'm also adding the compatibility logo to the blog and following the rules since I'll be putting out the Settlement Sheet as a for purchase item.

The finalized versions of these will also be in the Realm Booklet.

New Governments:
Constitutional ______: This is actually a modifier of any other government option. The settlements with this descriptor on their government have a written document that restricts what the governing body can and can't do. (Law, and Society +1, Corruption -1)

Communal: In a communal settlement, all are equal, and have an equal voice. Goods and services are distributed evenly or by special need. Money is used almost exclusively in international trade. (Law and Lore -1, Corruption and Society +2 20% of acquiring the Anarchy Disadvantage, or the Overlord government at a later date. Base Value -50%, Purchasing Limit -50%)

Democracy: In either an direct or representational manner, the majority of the people have a vote in the laws and people providing/enforcing those laws. (Law, Corruption and Society +2).

New Qualities:
Capital: This settlement is the capital city for a larger realm. Be it momentum from the previous ruler, praise or fear of the current ruler, or just accepted tradition, this settlement sees lots of trade and political traffic. (Lore, Society, Economy +1)

Ruins: This settlement is built on the ruins of an ancient location of a previous society. Many come here to learn its secrets. Not everything in the ruins, however, wants to be disturbed. (Lore, Economy +1, Law and Society -1 Danger +5 60% chance of the Cursed, or Hunted Disadvantage)

Riddled With Hiding Places: Whether its a underground cavern system, a sewer system, or some “politically immune” location, people who've upset the ruling order have plenty of ways to escape. (Crime and Corruption +1, Society and Law -1, 20% of the Anarchy Disadvantage, or 50% Chance of the Secret Cult* Disadvantage)

New Disadvantages:
Secret Cult: A cult of an opposing deity or way of life has hidden itself here. They do not want to be disturbed, and may when the time is right attempt to overthrow the government and population. Their also quietly horde materials for their needs or destroy materials that could be used to oppose them. (Crime, Corruption, and Lore +1 Reduce Base Value by 10%)

Seiged: An aggressor currently holds the settlement under siege from outside or inside. The settlements full focus now is on breaking the siege. (Crime, Lore, Society, and Economy -6, Corruption and Law +6, Reduce Purchase Limit by 50%, all arms and armor traded either directly to “guard” or black market. Choose a force to be at war with the settlement.)

Haunted: Whole areas of this settlement are haunted, not just the occasional house, mansion, or graveyard. There is great fear among the populous. (Crime, Society, and Economy -2, Lore +2, 30% Chance of the Seiged* Disadvantage (undead force).)

Tell me what you think!

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  1. Great ideas on the disadvantages, really! Just developing on them could make for a long and plentyful campain, and mixing them up can recreate tons of different moods for settlements. I assume the percentages could be changed depending on the situation, though (for example, lesser ruins with less than 60% being Haunted, while ancient, bigger ruins could rise up, etc.), but that goes for everything as a DM^^
    Keep up the good work!