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Monday, January 24, 2011

7 Players II, Maptool, SF R3 Gameday, More Krenna

First, the seven player game I ran last month had its second session this past weekend. It went well, we continued with the town raid in a different fashion from just "keep them at bay". Half the party ended up involved in rescuing kids from a burning building while others were involved in keeping orcs and such from harming children as they were extracted.

Maptool is on 1.3 Release Candidate 5, yeah, most people who follow software in development are probably scratching their head at the moment, usually the RC stage of software doesn't get that high in versions, but a rather spectacular bug appeared involving individual token fog. Other than this one piece the software does very well. They hope for a true 1.3 final build very soon.

STARFLEET Region 3's game day has indeed fallen to the USS Diamondback, out of Abilene. We're having some date frustrations, but look for it in October. Should be lots of fun.

My personal campaign setting has had another helping hand from my brother, and we now have one of the island regions kinda flushed out. I've not seen all hes got planned, and I may insist on changes, but so far it sounds good. I also have integrated the above 7 player game into that setting (unintentionally, it just really started making since as the story developed). So I'll be flushing out another section of the Taskel Empire over the next few weeks.

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