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Friday, December 10, 2010

Abilene, Paizo, and Sintel

Sorry I missed the last bi-weekly. It was a messy week.

That said, even if I been able to sit down and put something together, there wasn't much to say. There's a little more now.

First, I finally had a PFRPG session with Abilene locals last night. One had played 2e, 3e, and 3.5 before, the other... completely new to pen&paper. I think it shows promise though!

Second, My brother finished my Merisiel mini for me. Its fantastic, I really need to get a functional camera again so I can post some images. He posted some on his facebook, for those who know me personally... just hunt him down.

Third, Paizo's about to ship me the Bestiary II!... I haven't been paying attention to any previews or blog posts, so when it gets here I'll be digging through it cold. Also, I've narrowed down my RPG Superstar ideas to two... but not really happy with either yet.

Last, It's been out a while but if you haven't seen the Open Movie Project: Sintel Go watch it. It's sad, and short, but a truly impressive production.

That's about it. Derek at Spectral Plane is trying to get stuff squared away to order me reaper minis. It'll be good to see those in the store (and hopefully dice and books...)

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