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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Revisiting some early prestige classes

So I was thinking I'd re-visit an old prestige class I designed as a way to practice for building the new anti-cleric I was talking about. I don't know if it's going to be worth it though for a few reasons.

It was an orc Barbarian-Bard p-class. Big special mount, drums, wider aoe for bardic music, and some other neat tricks. But here's the changes that bother me:

Paladin mount became Divine Bond, and mount half of it went through some interesting changes that make it much more likely to break the class in a huge way.

Bardic Performance from PF actually completely nullified one of the neat abilities, because a full attack no longer breaks the performance.

So my 10 level p-class is now extremely overpowered in someways, and has some truly useless abilities in other ways. I could thin it out to a 5 level or 3 level p-class, but then we get to the third problem... I hate the micro p-classes. They feel more like sacrificing a few class levels for super-feats... Oh well, perhaps I can think of some other neat stuff for it to provide in order to make it worth while...

My fourth reason, Ranger-Barbarians make truly wicked nasty boss NPCs... this p-class was a different way of doing that back when Ranger sucked, and Barbarians were just cool fighters.

Well back to the drawing board...

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