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Friday, April 13, 2012

Third Party Projects of Interest

So I've found another setting that interests me.

Storm Bunny Studios is a single guy's move to a group for Rhune Dawn of Twilight. Looks like loads of fun in a Pathfinder meets Steampunk setting.

It's a bit late, but Purple Duck Games was running a project this week of creating 27 Open Content Gods. It'll be interesting to see what comes of it.

Next week the family starts the first family campaign. My bro will DM for me and my parents and the occasional forth person (who may not always be the same). My brother has a plan for this flex in the fourth party member.

Also Tabletop Forge has moved towards a beta stage and asks people to use it and play around. My brother and I tried a little bit, but nothing serious. Give it a look if you want something simple.

That's about it.


  1. Purple Duck Games has a follow up to the Open Gods project coming but it probably going to be a couple of weeks before we make any announcement.

    1. Cool, I'll link to it here when it happens.